Dynamic has partners who can provide further specialisations to meet your organisational needs.

Ngaire Hobbins,  an Accredited Practising Dietitian and published author, and Di Carter, Dynamic Principal Consultant, have worked across the aged care sector for many years.

Ngaire has enjoyed a widely varied career in nutrition for more than 30 years working in nutrition communications and consulting to a variety of food industry clients, community and clinical dietetics.

Ngaire’s involvement in food industry consulting, combined with her range of experience in engaging with everyday people and health professionals alike has provided her with a unique insight into the food industry and how it affects the population.

In the past decade or so her focus has turned to the unique needs of older people in our community and Ngaire is demonstrably passionate about supporting physical and mental health of older people living in the community and in assisted care. She is driven to improve the food experience of all older people as well as widen the understanding of how everyday food can support independence and vitality.

In clinical practice Ngaire too often sees older people struggling physically and mentally because they have been following health messages appropriate only for younger people. She wants instead to educate people on how to enjoy independent, productive lives in their later years. To help do this, Ngaire researched and wrote the book Eat to Cheat Ageing. It explains the science of ageing in an engaging and reader friendly style and gives clear advice on the unique needs of ageing bodies and what to eat and do to maximise both body and brain function through the years.

Ngaire Hobbin’s internationally published books include: –

  • Eat to Cheat Ageing;
  • Eat to Cheat Dementia; and
  • Healthy Brain Food.

Ngaire is an engaging and informative public speaker, a consulting clinician and past lecturer in the Wicking Dementia Research and Education Centre at the University of Tasmania and continues to maintain a clinical practice and involvement with a variety of aged care organisations and seniors’ advocacy groups.

Ngaire can offer your organisation

  • A practical, budget-aware eye over food services,
  • Educating lay audiences and health care professionals on ageing nutrition, and
  • Seek out avenues to maintain or as necessary, improve quality of life in all older people through good food and social engagement.